Artur Silva

Artur Silva

Augusto Antonio Artur Da Silva
 Augusto Antonio Artur Da Silva
19th(Former) Prime Minister of Guinea-Bissau
Assumed office
30 January 2018
President José Mário Vaz
Preceded by Umaro Sissoco Embaló
Personal details
Political party PAIGC

Artur Silva is the current Prime Minister of Guinea-Bissau, appointed by President José Mário Vaz on January 30th, 2018, to succeed Umaro Sissoco Embaló.  Umaro had resigned two weeks earlier with his own decision.

Artur Silva is a member of the ruling PAIGC Party, and served as education minister in the government of Carlos Gomes Júnior, as well as Foreign Minister. The new prime minister’s first job will be to organise fresh parliamentary elections in the coming months. But because the PAIGC lost its parliamentary majority, President Vaz sought backing from MPs in the second largest party, the Party of Social Renovation, to secure Silva’s appointment. Here a news about Artur Da Silva appointment:

Bissau-Guinean President José Mario Vaz has appointed a new prime minister by decree. Augusto Antonio Artur Da Silva, has career as a diplomat and former foreign minister of the government of Carlos Correia (2015) was brought to the head of the government Tuesday night, January 30,2018.Augusto Antonio Artur Da Silva

The mission to organize legislative elections

It is been happened this Wednesday, January 31,2018  and Artur Silva will quickly form a unity government, which will have the mission to organize legislative elections within 90 days.
This appointment, which comes 15 days after the resignation of former Prime Minister Umaro Embalo Cissoko, will help to reduce the political and institutional crisis that the country has been facing in recent years.
In August 2015, the country had experienced political unrest, following the dismissal of former Prime Minister Domingos Simoes Pereira by President Vaz.
The new Prime Minister Artur Da Silva, in addition to being a leader of the PAIGC, was Minister of Foreign Affairs. He was also Minister of Fisheries and Education.

The appointment of former foreign minister and fellow PAIGC member Da Silva as prime minister comes two weeks after the resignation of predecessor Umaro Sissoco Embalo, who declared that “if the president does not trust me, I won’t wait to be fired”

Here A Short Video about Augusto Antonio Artur Da Silva in French from AfricaNews.

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