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Htin Kyaw Had Resigned From Post

Htin Kyaw Had Resigned From Post

Htin Kyaw had resigned from his post due to his health problems in 21.03.2018. Now his vice president is acting as president for seven days.

Htin Kyaw’s Last Message

“Message of Greetings sent by President U Htin Kyaw on the occasion of the 44th  Anniversary Mon State Day Celebration

Dear esteemed ethnic brothers and sisters living in the Mon State,

On the auspicious occasion of the 44th Anniversary of Mon State Day which falls on 19th March 2018, I send good wishes and greetings for the good health and happiness of all ethnic nationals and Union nationals living in the Mon State. I am very happy and honored to have this opportunity to send this Message of Greetings to the Mon State Day celebrations which is a very significant day for all ethnic Mon brothers and sisters.Htin Kyaw Had Resigned From Post

Htin Kyaw Had Resigned From Post

After independence, for the purpose of preserving and protecting the ethnic Mon racial groups and Mon literature and culture and to implement these objectives on a larger scale, an enquiry commission to grant self-administration according to region was formed on 5 October 1948. Furthermore the Union of Burma Advisory Committee for National Unity was formed on 4th December 1968, and steps were initiated for the formation of Mon State. On 20 June 1972, the former Tanintharyi Division was reconstituted as Tanintharyi Division (1) and Tanintharyi Division (2). According to Article (30) Section (C) of the 1974 Constitution of the Socialist Republic of the Union of Burma, Taintharyi Division (1) was designated as Mon State. Thus 19th March, the date on which the term Mon State was first recognized and used in the 1974 Draft Constitution was designated as Mon State and we have been celebrating this day annually ever since. We have now reached the 44th year.

In Mon State, the majority of the people living here are Myanmar and Mon races. Other ethnic races such as Kayins, Rakhines, Chins, Kachins, Shans and Pao’s are living together in friendship and in peace. This state is blessed with good climate, green forests, rivers and streams and beautiful coastlines. The Kyaik Hti Yo pagoda which enshrines the hair relics of the Buddha and which is revered by all Buddhists is located in this area.(Htin Kyaw Had Resigned From Post)

In the past, although there have been disunity among our ethnic brothers for various reasons, the Nationwide Ceasefire Agreement (NCA) was signed by the New Mon State Party on 13 February 2018 thus making a new historic milestone for peace in Mon State. They are also making plans to continue participating in the different stages of the political dialogues. As peace begins to take firm roots, economic enterprises such as tourism, fisheries, agriculture, agro-based industries, trade and commerce will develop. I am very pleased to learn that currently the ethnic armed groups are working hand in hand with the Mon State Government to participate in regional projects for all round development. All Mon State nationals, both men and women alike, are now waiting with high hopes for Development, now that they have Peace.

I urge all our Mon ethnic brothers and sisters to participate with unity and concerted efforts for national reconciliation, Union peace and efforts for modernization and development. I urge you to work together, hand-in- hand in unity not only for the present generation but also for your sons and grandsons, to promote the development of Mon State more than ever. I send this Message of Greetings as I urge you to continue working hard in the task of building the future Democratic Federal Republic in unity.”

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