Jack Guy Lafontant

Jack Guy Lafontant

Jack Guy Lafontant  is a Haitian politician who served as Prime Minister of Haiti since March 2017.

Lafontant studied medicine, specializing in gastroenterology and internal medicine and became a university instructor. He became a member of the Haitian Medical Association and the American College of Gastroenterology.

Jack Guy Lafontant
 Görsel sonucu
20th Prime Minister of Haiti
Assumed office
21 March 2017
President Jovenel Moïse
Preceded by Enex Jean-Charles
Personal details
Born 4 April 1961 
Profession Gastroenterologist


He was appointed as prime minister on 22 February 2017, and presented his cabinet on 13 March 2017. His government obtained vote of confidence from the Haitian Senate on 16 March and from the Haitian Chamber of Deputies on 21 March with 95 votes for and 6 against with 2 abstentions. He assumed his responsibilities the same day his government won the vote of confidence. His position as Prime Minister is his debut in political life

Last Three Tweets Translations

  • I will go gounenman I am in say to every Haitian family will get of you with them, you do one, and we are working to have good tomorrow is better for them. Today, there are a lot of deriv, many dezekilib their families. But let’s continue to fight for the Haitian family remained firm, ” had a lot of love, honour and the distribution(May 14,2018)
  • Today, on the occasion international family day, I want to to say Hi all mothers who one back from their children, in solidarity, education and dignity. I invited each Haitians, men and women and to encourage the Haitian family Union which is the basis of society.

    Today, in primati, I received Félix, a take-a lot of sort of, kind of, insecurity and allow because we are Haitian people went smoothly.
    Félix create a vodka Haitians who called “BASTION.” His dream is to increase production, this could help to ease the generate more work. (May 14,2018)
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