Icelandic politician Katrín Jakobsdottír

Katrín Jakobsdóttir

Katrín Jakobsdóttir

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Katrín Jakobsdóttir 


Name -Duty

Katrín Jakobsdóttir

28th Prime Minister of Iceland
Father-Mother Names Jakob Ármannsson Signý Thoroddsen
Birthday and Birthplace 1 February, 1976 Reykjavík, Iceland
Alma mater University of Iceland 
Spouse(s) Gunnar Örn Sigvaldason 
Children Three sons (born 2005, 2007 and 2011) 
Political Party-in Office Date Chair of the Left-Green Movement 24 February 2013
First and Assumed in Office 30 November 2017
President Guðni Th. Jóhannesson
Other political activities 2 February 2009 – 23 May 2013 Minister of Education, Science and Culture

Lets have a chronological talk about our leader Katrín Jakobsdóttir who is Prime Minister of Iceland

  • 1 February 1976 she had born in Reykjavík, Iceland.

Katrín is the great-granddaughter of the politician and judge Skúli Thoroddsen and the poet Theódóra Thoroddsen, and granddaughter of the engineer and MP Sigurður S. Thoroddsen. The poet Dagur Sigurðarson is her maternal uncle. Her father is Jakob Ármannsson and her mother is Signý Thoroddsen. Katrín Jakobsdóttir hails from a family which has produced many prominent people in Icelandic politics, academia and literature. She is the younger sister of twin brothers Ármann Jakobsson and Sverrir Jakobsson, who are both professors in the humanities at the University of IcelandKatrín Jakobsdóttir

  • 1999 Katrín Jakobsdóttir graduated from the University of Iceland with a bachelor degree with a major in Icelandic and minor in French.She worked part-time as a language adviser at the news agency at public broadcaster RÚV until 2003.
  • 2003 She became deputy chairperson of the Left-Green Movement
  • 2004 Katrín Jakobsdóttir received her M.A. in Icelandic Literature from the University of Iceland in for a thesis on the work of popular Icelandic crime writer Arnaldur Indriðason. . She then freelanced for broadcast media and wrote for a variety of print media from until 2006, as well as being an instructor in lifelong learning and leisure at the Mímir School until 2007.
  • 2005 Katrín Jakobsdóttir did editorial work for the publishing company Edda and magazine JPV from until 2006.
  • 2006 was at Lecturer at the University of Iceland, Reykjavík University and Menntaskólinn í Reykjavík until 2007.katrin Jakobsdottir
  • 2013 She was Icelandic delegation to the West Nordic Council
  • 2014 Katrín has been a member of the Icelandic Delegation to the EFTA and EEA Parliamentary Committees and EU-Iceland joint Parliamentary Committee as Deputy Chairman until for two years.
  • 2017 Katrín has been a member of the Icelandic Delegation to the Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly

 In the wake of the 2017 Icelandic parliamentary election, President Guðni Th. Jóhannesson tasked Katrín with forming a governing coalition to consist of the Left-Green Movement, the Progressive Party, the Social Democratic Alliance, and the Pirate Party. Coalition talks between the four parties formally began on 3 November but were unsuccessful because of Progressive Party concerns that her coalition would have too thin a majority.

Katrín Jakobsdóttir 4As a result, she sought to lead a three-party coalition with the Independence Party and Progressive Party. After coalition talks were completed, Guðni formally granted Katrín a mandate to lead the government, which was installed on 30 November. She is the second woman to serve as Prime Minister of Iceland.

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