Matteo Fiorini

Matteo Fiorini 

Matteo Fiorini
Previous Captain Regent of San Marino
Assumed office
1 October 2017
Serving with Enrico Carattoni
Preceded by Vanessa D’Ambrosio
Mimma Zavoli
In office
1 October 2011 – 1 April 2012
Served with Gabriele Gatti
Preceded by Maria Luisa Berti
Filippo Tamagnini
Succeeded by Italo Righi
Maurizio Rattini
Personal details
Born  10 February 1978
San Marino
Political party Popular Alliance

 Matteo Fiorini

Matteo Fiorini  is a Sammarinese politician who was a Captain Regent (head of government for San Marino) for the October, 2011 to April, 2012 political term. The post was shared with Gabriele Gatti.

Solemn Ceremony

In 1 October 2017 Orter, the president of Confindustria, who insisted on the centrality of the companies in the Italian-San Marino relationship
The flag-raising in Piazza della Libertà, accompanied by the notes of the San Marino hymn, to inaugurate the solemn ceremony, through which every six months San Marino renews the sense of its ancient democratic institutions.

In the center of Palazzo Valloni  about seventy accredited diplomatic corps  attended the ceremony and followed the procession.

After the first public intervention of the elected Captains Regents, the procession from Palazzo Valloni was reformed by parading along the historic center, with the silent presence but with a strong impact of the appearance of the depositors of Asset Banca. At Palazzo Pubblico the meeting held with the outgoing Regency.

The passage of powers

A suggestive procession, in period costumes, the one that is recomposed to go up to the Basilica del Santo for the solemn Mass, officiated by Monsignor Andrea Turazzi, bishop of San Marino Montefeltro.

After that hey returned to the Palazzo Pubblico to witness the last act, the most solemn: the passage of powers.

In the first official formal ceremonial speech the president of Confindustria Vincenzo Boccia insisted on the centrality of the companies in the relationship between Italy and San Marino.
After the formula of oath in Latin, read by the Secretary of the Interior and the exchange of the collar of Grand Master of the Order of San Marino the Captains Regent, Matteo Fiorini and Enrico Carattoni go up to the Supreme Magistrature.

They will be the Heads of State of the Republic of San Marino until April 1, 2018.
In the video the interview with Vincenzo Boccia, President of Confindustria.
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