• Tufan Erhürman 
    Tufan Erhürman: Prime Minister of Northern Cyprus(Incumbent)
    Assumed workplace
    2 Gregorian February 2018
    President: Mustafa Akıncı
    Preceded by: Hüseyin Özgürgün
    Personal details […]

  • Toke Talagi 
    Toke Talagi- The Honourable Sir puff Talagi

    Premier of Niue(Incumbent)
    Assumed workplace
    19 Gregorian calendar June month 2008
    Governor General: Patsy Reddy
    Preceded by: Young […]

  • Ramush Haradinaj  

    Ramush Haradinaj



    3rd Prime Minister of Kosovo


    Assumed office
    9 September 2017

    Hashim Thaçi

    Preceded by […]

  • Hashim Thaçi
    Hashim Thaçi is the President of the Republic of Kosovo elected on 26 of February 2016 in the Assembly of the Republic of Kosovo. He assumed the duty of the President on 7 April 2016, by giving h […]

  • alibaba3 wrote a new post, Henry Puna 2 weeks ago

    Henry Puna
    Prime Minister of the Cook Islands(Incumbent)

    Assumed workplace

    30 November 2010
    Monarch: Elizabeth II
    Tom Marsters
    Personal details
    29 July 1949  […]

  • alibaba3 wrote a new post, Tom Marsters 2 weeks ago

    Tom Marsters 
    Queen’s Representative to the Cook Islands(Incumbent)
    Tom Marsters Assumed workplace
    27 Gregorian calendar month July 2013
    Monarch: Elizabeth II
    Prime Minister: Henry Puna
    Personal […]

  • Beslan Bartsits
    Prime Minister of Abkhaz
    Assumed workplace
    5 August 2016
    Personal details
    22 July 1978 
    Gagra, country (now Abkhazia)
    Political party
    Alma mater
    Abkhazian State […]

    Raul Khajimba
    (Рауль Ҳаџьымба, რაულ ჰაჯიმბა)
    (Incumbent) 4th President of Abkhazia
    Personal details
    21 March 1958 
    Tkvarcheli, Georgian SSR, Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
    Ab […]

  • Most Powerful Leader: Xi Jinping
    We are proud of announce that we had a survey to answer the question about who is the most powerful leader of the world..

    We had ask our question on our Twitter account to all […]

  • Cyril Ramaphosa


     His Excellency
    Matamela Cyril Ramaphosa

    5th President of South Africa


    Assumed office
    15 February 2018

    Preceded by
    Jacob Z […]

  • Neville Cenac

    His Excellency
    Sir Emmanuel Neville Cenac


    Governor-General of Saint Lucia

    Sir Emmanuel Neville Cenac, is that the Governor-General of Saint Lucia. He was […]

  • Khadga Prasad Oli  


    Khadga Prasad Oli

    खड्ग प्रसाद ओली



    38th Prime Minister of Nepal

    In office
    12 October 2015 – 4 August 2016

    Ram […]

  • alibaba3 wrote a new post, George Weah 4 weeks ago

    George Weah


    George Weah



    25th President of Liberia


    Assumed office
    22 January 2018

    Vice President
    Jewel Howard Taylor

    Preceded by […]

  • alibaba3 wrote a new post, Artur Silva 4 weeks ago

    Artur Silva

    Augusto Antonio Artur Da Silva


    19th Prime Minister of Guinea-Bissau


    Assumed office
    30 January 2018

    José Mário Vaz

    Preceded by […]

  • alibaba3 wrote a new post, Andrej Babiš 1 month ago

    Andrej Babiš

    Andrej Babiš



    12th Prime Minister of the Czech Republic


    Assumed office
    6 December 2017

    Miloš Zema […]

  • alibaba3 wrote a new post, Sandra Mason 1 month ago

    Sandra Mason

    Her Excellency
    Dame Sandra Mason


    Governor-General of Barbados


    Assumed office
    8 January 2018

    Elizabeth II

    Prime […]

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  • Most Popular leaders In The World
    All of the leaders who guide our world have different personal qualities and superiorities. Being popular is inherent in some of the leaders.
    Who is your most popular leader in […]

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  • Mateusz Morawiecki

    ALW ID OF Mateusz Morawiecki

    Name -Duty

    Mateusz Jakub Morawiecki

    17th Prime Minister of Poland

    Father-Mother Names
    Kornel Andrzej Morawiecki
    Jadwiga (Różyczka) M […]

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