Most Popular Leaders In The World

Most Popular leaders In The World

All of the leaders who guide our world have different personal qualities and superiorities. Being popular is inherent in some of the leaders.
Who is your most popular leader in the world?
Answer to this asking you can write your own opinion as a comment.

We organize surveys to identify the most popular leaders in world regularly. Here we will tell you who is the most popular leader according to the result of the latest survey.

Let’s talk briefly about the questionnaire we made before introducing the most popular leader.Most Popular leaders In The World

We asked in Our Twitter Account who is the most popular leader in the world?

The survey was seen by over 15,000 people in the world.

According to this survey the most popüler leader is Russia President Vladimir Putin. Vladimir Putin received 20% of the votes. community send him congratulations!

Vladimir Putin will we introduced until next survey as Member of Most Popular leaders In The World for our website. 

The second popular leader is US President Donald Trump that he recieved 19% of the votes.

The third popular leader is China leaders Xi Jingping.

And Turkish President had also recieved vote.

We will continue to prepare surveys to find most popüler leaders regularly.Most Popular leaders In The World

This survey was about political leaders but in the future we want to organize surveys about musical, spiritual, artical, economical,.. most popular leaders. 

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