Philip Greaves

Philip Greaves

His Excellency The Right Honourable
Sir Philip Greaves
Ex-Governor-General of Barbados
Assumed office
1 July 2017
Monarch Elizabeth II
Prime Minister Freundel Stuart
Preceded by Sir Elliot Belgrave
Personal details
Born (1931-01-19) 19 January 1931

Sir Philip Greaves ( is the current acting Governor-General of Barbados, and took office on July 1, 2017. From 8 January 2018 Sandra Mason had assumed in office.

A-Z – Fine Dining and Zagat Rated hot spots in Barbados

The “culinary capital of the Caribbean,” Barbados is especially appealing to a vast array of foodies, who have learned that eating, dining and phenomenal feasting alone is sufficient reason to visit Barbados! We offer a complete gastronomical package for both gourmands who favour formal fine dining in our top Zagat rated restaurants, as well as easy-going food lovers, who take a more casual approach to eating, preferring instead, the equally tasty street food variety. Our street food also comes highly recommended. When internationally renowned American chef, Marcus Samuelsson describes a lowly fish sandwich from Cuz, (a tiny fish shack on the south coast), as “King of all fish burgers,” we know we’re doing something right!
One of the fascinating things about Barbados is that we are a multi-cultural society, and these cultures are represented in themed restaurants and the delicious cuisine they offer to satisfy your most urgent cravings for Caribbean, Chinese, Indian, Italian, Mexican, Thai, and Polynesian fare.
With the introduction of the Barbados Foodand Rum Festival held in November, Barbados is fast becoming known for its appeal to the most seasoned foodies, who continue to flock here to feast on fine food and beverages in exquisite, internationally acclaimed restaurants. But don’t take our word for any of this. Come, taste for yourself!
Here is a listing of just a few great Zagat-rated hot spots you might want to try for a superb dining experience.
Café Luna: Located at Little Arches Boutique Hotel in Christ Church, Café Luna offers “gourmet” eclectic/Mediterranean cuisine, which is totally satisfying. This is rooftop dining at its best!
Champers: Dubbed, “Zagat’s ‘Most Popular’ culinary experience in Barbados,” you can’t beat Champers Wine Bar & Restaurant for fine service and amazing seafood. Visitors and locals can’t get enough of Champers, which offers a fine dining experience at the water’s edge on the south coast.
The Cliff: Cliff-side, torch lit elegance, The Cliff restaurant in St. James won Zagat’s top ranking for décor, and has also earned a reputation for “truly special” food and service to match.
Daphne’s: Located on the West Coast, Daphne’s Zagat-rated fare is unforgettable, comprising “modern Italian classics infused with island seafood and flavours …” Among the top 10 “Most Popular” restaurants; Daphne’s provides a total dining experience on the water’s edge.
Fish Pot: Zagat advises that it’s “worth the drive,” to St. Peter on the northwest coast for the fresh, delicious seafood meal served up at the Fish Pot. The service and the surfside view also come highly recommended!
L’Azure: Located at the Crane Resort in the southeast of Barbados, L’Azure earned Zagat’s # 1 rating
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    I would like you, to send me $399.00 BDS, I am in need of money,
    I am not working, I am not well, my husband Mr Shayne Carter is not working, because he is not well, Wendell Forde that work at CBC, is my cousin,post the $399.00 BDS, to my Name and Address above,

    Yours Sincerely
    Mrs Lana Carter
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