Tallis Obed Moses

Tallis Obed Moses

Tallis Obed Moses
President of Vanuatu
Assumed office
6 July 2017
Prime Minister Charlot Salwai
Preceded by Esmon Saimon (Acting)
 vanuatu president 
Personal details
Born 1954 (age 62–63)
West Ambrym, Vanuatu
Political party Independent
Alma mater Sydney Missionary and Bible College

Tallis Obed Moses (born c. 1954) is a ni-Vanuatu pastor who has been President of Vanuatu since 6 July 2017.


Moses was originally from West Ambrym. He studied at the Sydney Missionary and Bible College in Australia from 1980 to 1981 and graduated with Diploma in Divinity and Mission. He later studied at Takla between 1985 and 1986, graduating with a Diploma in Theology. He went back to Australia in 1989 and studied at Alan Walker School of Evangelism, where he graduated in 1989 with Certificate of Merit.

Moses also served as a pastor at Erromango, Ranon in North Ambrym, Luganville and Bamefau. A long-serving pastor and a former moderator of the Presbyterian Church of Vanuatu (elected in 2009) after received religious training and education in Australia and Papua New Guinea when he was chosen among 16 candidates after four rounds of voting (received 40 votes out of 57 from the Electoral College) to succeed Baldwin Lonsdale, who had died in office. The section below is taken from publika.md 

Prince Charles has been made an honorary high chief in the South Pacific nation of Vanuatu.

The visit been performed in 7 April 2018.

The Prince of Wales said his new title was a “very great honor”.

As part of the ceremony, he took a sip from a cup of special kava, known as Royal Kava, which was last consumed when his father, the Duke of Edinburgh visited the island in 1974.

Prince Phillip is worshipped as a god by one Vanuatu tribe.

The visit came on the fourth day of his week-long tour of Australia where, joined by the Duchess of Cornwall for the first three days, he opened the Commonwealth Games.

In the tradition of the Malvatumauri Council of Chiefs, the heir to the throne took part in a series of rituals before being given the high chief name of Mal Menaringmanu.

“I’m truly touched by the generous welcome shown to me today and by the very great honour you have bestowed on me in granting me the chiefly title,” he said.

He added: “Vanuatu, you are number one!”

Hundreds of islanders lined the streets to welcome the prince in Port Vila.

He was greeted by traditional dancers and presented with a garland of flowers as he met the president of Vanuatu, Tallis Obed Moses.

The prince also met Jimmy Joseph, from the village of Yaohnanen, on the Vanuatuan island of Tanna, where the Duke of Edinburgh is revered as a divine being.

“I gave him a walking stick for his father made by the hands of the Prince Philip Movement,” Mr Joseph said.

“I told him a lot of people in the movement have now died but there are some still living. The prince said he would deliver the message personally.”

Later, Prince Charles visited a local market where he bought a bag and a hat for his wife, the Duchess of Cornwall.

He also visited Port Vila Central Hospital where he praised the “fantastic” recovery effort following the devastation caused by tropical cyclone Pam in 2015.

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